Our Story

We started Eureka Pet Co from a little acreage in the Byron Bay hinterland (a.k.a the quiet hamlet of Eureka!) in early 2022.

Between juggling a hobby farm, day jobs and a growing family we struggled to find the time to prep complete and balanced raw meals for our hungry dog Rojo.

We spent months looking for a dry dog food that matched our wishlist – honest, ethical, real ingredients with no weird chemicals and made locally in Australia.

When we couldn’t find one on shelves, we decided to create it ourselves!

And so Eureka Pet Co was born.

Only the best for
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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Eureka is powered by a passionate family of dog lovers united in our mission to do only the best for your dog & the planet.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, starting from the seed of an idea on our family farm in Eureka, NSW.

Our philosophy combines the very latest in canine evolutionary nutrition with ethical local sourcing and sustainable manufacturing to create dog food and treats designed to nourish from the inside out.

A high protein, low carb ancestral diet.

All of our recipes are built on a foundation of 90% ethically sourced Australian meat, organ and bone with a purposeful blend of 10% fruits, vegetables and seeds to deliver a high protein, low carb ancestral diet for your best mate. No fillers, no nonsense!

Our lamb is grass-fed, our chicken free-range and we prioritise wild- caught game wherever possible to do our bit to conserve native Australian habitat while ensuring this all-natural nutrient dense protein doesn’t go to waste.

Thank you for supporting our vision, and we hope we can help your best mate and the planet thrive for many years to come.

A high protein, low carb ancestral diet.

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What our best friends think

Man smiling and feeding a treat to his attentive white dog.

"Have been using Eureka as a treat/topper for 6 months and its literally been life-changing."

Jodee, on behalf of


Happy golden retriever with tongue out enjoying the outdoors.

“Much prefer giving my dog wholesome ingredients and treats he'll do tricks for.”

Troy, on behalf of


Close-up of a curious dog with distinctive eyes.

"Customer service is exceptional - so hard to find these days. Thank you Eureka!"

Lana, on behalf of


Relaxed grey terrier dog lying on a fluffy cushion.

"Been amazed to see the change in her energy levels, coat and vitality. Can’t beat Aussie made!"

Lil, on behalf of


"Cannot believe how much my fussy pup loves Eureka! Quality speaks for itself."

Radha, on behalf of


"Was skeptical at first, but the price is absolutely worth it. My dog’s never been happier or healthier."

Tahl, on behalf of



Did you know keeping your dog lean can extend their life by up to 2 years?

Over 40% of dogs in Australia are overweight or obese! We're on a mission to take the guesswork out of calculating feeding amounts so your best mate can live as long as possible. Our quick calculator uses their specific information to help you understand just how much Eureka they need each day to thrive. 

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If unsure, hop on your bathroom scales while carrying your dog and then hop on by yourself. The difference is your dogs weight!

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Different breeds are puppies for different lengths of time. Consult your vet if in doubt.

Less Active Adult

Up to 1 hour of exercise and play per day.

Average adult

1 – 3 hours exercise and play per day.

More active adult

More than 3 hours of exercise per day.

Senior dog

Usually 7-8 years but can differ by breed. Consult your vet if in doubt.

Body Condition*

If unsure, visit this Link to view the latest pet guidance.


Skinny waist with visible ribs

Just right

Visible waist and easy to feel ribs


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Choose your recipe*

Don’t worry, if you start a subscription with us you can change recipes anytime to mix it up!

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Select how much of your dog's daily calories you want to come from Eureka. A feeding level of 50% is more common with larger breeds. If you want to use Eureka as a treat or topper, select the 15% option.

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