Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From the way we source ingredients to the solar ovens which dry our products, our aim is to leave the planet in better shape so our four-legged friends can continue to enjoy it for years to come.


Switching your dog to Eurekacould save 1,000kgs of CO2 each year!*

That's the equivalent of avoiding 1,500 pounds of coal being burned, or planting 22 trees and growing them for a decade!


No more ruff meals. 100% natural, sustainable recipes to keep their tails wagging.

  • Bullet Image All our recipes prioritise wild-caught Australian game and fish. Wild-caught proteins can have up to 20X less carbon footprint than their farmed counterparts. By ethically harvesting invasive and overpopulated species like venison and boar we help conserve native habitat, while also ensuring these nutrient dense proteins don't go to waste.
  • Bullet Image We source 98% of our ingredients in Australia to support local producers, guarantee quality and minimise food miles.
  • Bullet Image We've partnered with Carbon Reduction Institute to complete a Life Cycle Analysis of our air dried recipes. What tiny footprint our recipes do have we offset through the NOCO2 program to become 100% certfied carbon neutral.
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Clean Power

A huge part of the footprint of any manufacturing operation is fossil fuel usage for power and transport.

We manufacture in Australia using at least 98% Australian ingredients to keep our food miles as low as possible. Our factory uses one of the world's largest solar ovens to gently cure our food with minimal input from the traditional power grid.

Good for your pup. Good for the planet.

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What our best friends think

Man smiling and feeding a treat to his attentive white dog.

"Have been using Eureka as a treat/topper for 6 months and its literally been life-changing."

Jodee, on behalf of


Happy golden retriever with tongue out enjoying the outdoors.

“Much prefer giving my dog wholesome ingredients and treats he'll do tricks for.”

Troy, on behalf of


Close-up of a curious dog with distinctive eyes.

"Customer service is exceptional - so hard to find these days. Thank you Eureka!"

Lana, on behalf of


Relaxed grey terrier dog lying on a fluffy cushion.

"Been amazed to see the change in her energy levels, coat and vitality. Can’t beat Aussie made!"

Lil, on behalf of


"Cannot believe how much my fussy pup loves Eureka! Quality speaks for itself."

Radha, on behalf of


"Was skeptical at first, but the price is absolutely worth it. My dog’s never been happier or healthier."

Tahl, on behalf of


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Tell us about your best mate

We’ll customise a feeding guide based on their weight, body condition and activity level to specify just the right amount of Eureka to keep them lean and mean.

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Choose their recipe

(Or let them decide)

Three delicious Australian-made air dried dog food recipes to suit even the fussiest eater.

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Quick Calculator.

Over 40% of dogs in Australia are overweight or obese! We're on a mission to take the guesswork out of calculating feeding amounts so your best mate can live as long as possible. Our quick calculator uses their specific information to help you understand just how much Eureka they need each day to thrive.

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If unsure, hop on your bathroom scales while carrying your dog and then hop on by yourself. The difference is your dogs weight!

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Growing Puppy

Different breeds are puppies for different lengths of time. Consult your vet if in doubt.

Less Active Adult

Up to 1 hour of exercise and play per day.

Average adult

1 – 3 hours exercise and play per day.

More active adult

More than 3 hours of exercise per day.

Senior dog

Usually 7-8 years but can differ by breed. Consult your vet if in doubt.

Body Condition*

If unsure, visit this Link to view the latest pet guidance.


Skinny waist with visible ribs

Just right

Visible waist and easy to feel ribs


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Choose your recipe*

Don’t worry, if you start a subscription with us you can change recipes anytime to mix it up!

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Select how much of your dog's daily calories you want to come from Eureka. A feeding level of 50% is more common with larger breeds. If you want to use Eureka as a treat or topper, select the 15% option.

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*Note. Average lightly cooked/raw dog food brands are estimated to have a carbon footprint of 0.006kgCO2E per calorie, while Eureka’s is 0.0008kgCO2E per calorie (per Eureka LCA 2022). Due to the limited availability of peer-reviewed research on carbon attribution to Australian-made pet foods, Eureka is continuing to conduct research in this space to continue to improve our approach and minimise our environmental impact.